About The Book

About the book

Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedybook cover (lo) is the story of eight-year-old James. He has alopecia universalis. There is meagre knowledge of the condition in the community at large. This worries James, especially when he has to face new situations, like moving to another school. Fortunately, he is surrounded by a loving family and, with their support, James is able to overcome anxieties and emerge happy and popular.

There is a question and answer section about alopecia at the end of the book.

Book details

Title: Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy
Author: Rebecca Loke
Publisher: Media Masters Publishing Sdn Bhd
ISBN: 978 9834 430016
Published date: July 2009
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Category: Children’s fiction
Reading level: Ages 7 – 12

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