About alopecia

Living with alopecia

James in the story of Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy was based on my son, Ethan, who has alopecia universalis.

Like James, Ethan has his share of worries in coping with his hair loss condition. Here is his story.

Ethan Tan, 11 years old: My alopecia storyethan1_web

My first experience

I first experienced alopecia when I was about four years old. Since then, I’ve never had a full head of hair. There have been a few times over the years when my hair grew but the hair was very fine and eventually fell off.

People’s response to my hair loss

I often get stares from people whenever I go out without covering my head. Worse, there are some people who like to touch my head. That happened a lot when I was younger and shorter. Adults and children also like to call me names related to my hair loss and make fun of my condition.

My feelings on not having any hair

I don’t mind not having any hair. But I do feel hurt by the name calling and teasing. When I was younger, I got really upset when people called me names related to my hair loss condition. Now I’m older, I’m trying not to let it bother me so much.

My message to other people with alopecia

It’s important not to let the negative things that people say about you get you down. For me, talking about it helps me to cope. When I’m upset, I also like to draw. And I believe that God made me and you special too.

If you have alopecia and would like to share your story on this website, do write to me by using the contact form in the website.